Our high-tech digital radiology equipment gives us an inside view.

While our veterinarians are incredibly talented, they can’t always reach a conclusive diagnosis through a comprehensive physical exam alone.

With the help of our digital radiography equipment, we can gather high-quality images of your pet’s internal function that allow us to evaluate organ size, bone abnormalities, or potential masses. Without this useful tool, we would be unable to pinpoint the cause of your furry friend’s condition. If your pet needs X-rays in the Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, or Chapin areas, trust in the talented radiology team at Midlands Veterinary Practice.

Learn About Our Radiology Services

With our digital radiography services, we can discover the cause of your pet’s problem faster. No more waiting for films to develop, plus digital X-rays are more forgiving than manually processed films. While your pet must hold still for clear images, we can adjust the contrast of the image or zoom in for a closer, more detailed look at suspicious areas.

Digital X-rays can also be used to monitor your pet’s health over the years, establishing normal baselines of heart size and shape, organ placement and size, and lung clarity. We can also evaluate your furry pal’s bone structure at a young age and create a management plan if we spot hip, knee, or elbow issues in your growing pet. In older pets, we can also use this technology to minotaur the natural progression of arthritis.

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Veterinary Radiology in Columbia

When your pet needs the additional diagnostic support X-rays provide, turn to the experienced team at Midlands Veterinary Practice. We offer radiology services to the pet communities of Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Chapin, and the surrounding areas to take a deeper look at your pet’s internal function and bone structure. If your furry companion would benefit from the diagnostic capabilities of digital X-rays, call our team to schedule an appointment.